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'Signature' Red & Navy / womens

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Effortless chic boots with a great mix of leather and suede. Let the Italian leather comfort your feet. Easy to wear with the laces at the front and zip at the side.


Runs small to size on average

✓ In stock
Consegna nel Regno Unito entro 3-5 giorni lavorativi - GRATUITA per oltre £ 100.
Resi GRATUITI per 28 giorni (si applicano T&C)

Taglia e vestibilità

Effortless chic boots with a great mix of leather and suede. Let the Italian leather comfort your feet. Easy to wear with the laces at the front and zip at the side.

What our customers say about the size and fit of this product

60% of all customers who have purchased the Hatter range advise they run small to size. As a result, most customers take a size up from their normal size within our products.

Outer sole measurement of the product  

EU Length cm Width cm
35 24.0 8.5
36 24.8 8.7
37 25.5  8.9 
38 26.6 9.5
39 27.0 9.5
40 28.1 9.5
41 28.5 9.6
42 29.0 9.8

As the measurements provided are the outer sole dimensions, we recommend subtracting approximately 0.5 cm from the length and width to obtain the best size for you.

Consegna & Resi

Spedizione standard nel Regno Unito + resi gratuiti

£ 4,95 
Consegna  1-5 giorni lavorativi
GRATUITA - Consegna per ordini superiori a £100

DHL RESTO DEL MONDO (10-15) Giorni lavorativi

£ 19,95 
Consegna 15-20 giorni lavorativi 

*A volte la durata della consegna può superare i tempi indicati. Ciò è dovuto a una serie di fattori esterni al di fuori del nostro controllo. Consulta le nostre Domande frequenti per ulteriori informazioni.
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United Kingdom United Kingdom

Wow factor

Ordered this boots I couldn’t resist the boots Wore my boots today -very comfortable ❤️❤️ Love it �

Jane SVG verified by SHOP
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Love them. My second pair. So comfortable. Perfect fit even though I have a couple of bent toes

Jeremy B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


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Gwen O.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Red Hat Shoe Lady

Purchase and delivery easy peasy and these boots are so so comfy and smart . Love them ❤️

Francesca C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Fabulous Boots

I love the design of embassy Boots. I own three pairs. This is my latest purchase. They are very stylish, well made and great value for money